About The Charity Fund of Love Save Pneumoconiosis

Love Save Pneumoconiosis is a charity fund dedicated to helping and treating 6 million Chinese rural migrant workers suffering from dust lung disease. It is also mandated to jumpstart dust lung disease prevention project. It was originated from the initiative of “Love Clear Lungs--saving rural dust lung patients” jointly started by Mr. Wang Keqin, a prominent journalist and China Social Assistance Foundation on June 15th, 2011.


Dust lung disease is a chronic disease that needs constant medical attention. It is caused by inhaling a large amount of fine dusts over the long term which mainly results in pulmonary tissue fibrosis and damages to internal organs. Once a person contracts the disease, his lungs will be sclerotic and become as hard as stones. It is often extremely difficult for him to breathe and to walk around. Hence he won’t be productive any more. Eventually a lot of sufferers will be suffocated and die.


Dust lung disease has become one of the most severe occupational diseases in China, accounting for 90% of the entire category, among which 90% are patients from rural areas. Experts point out that the total number of rural people who have contracted the disease is a staggering 6 million and mortality rate hit as high as 22.04%. In China every hour 1.5 rural migrant workers in the prime of their life will be suffocated to death. In order to alleviate the pain in their lungs, they almost kneel down to breathe at the final stage of their life. They are a bunch of rural people living at the lowest rung of the society and reduced to such an undignified position when death approaches. They are in a hopeless and helpless situation.


It should have been classified as an occupational disease and corporate culprits should have been fully held accountable. Regrettably, few corporate shoulder the responsibility for the victims. Without social security and comprehensive assistance, they are sick, incapacitated, impoverished, lack medical assistance and feel miserable. The number of women widowed and children orphaned by the disease is snowballing. It has now become a serious social problem. Therefore, the rural dust lung patient issue is the most critical problem in China in this century.


The diseased group was neglected by the society for many years in the past. It is a chilling and gruesome fact. They used to be the backbone of the society but their health was ruined and their lives were sacrificed during the economic development and accumulation of wealth. They were once the backbone of their family too, being a father, or a brother, or a son, or the hope of the family but now they are struggling to stay alive and become a heavy burden for their loved ones.


Who among us can turn a blind eye to this abandoned group living such a miserable existence. Their blood and sweat went into the high buildings and the booming economy we enjoy today. We are all human beings and we are living creatures. Each one of us should take actions because they are our brothers and sisters and they don’t deserve such a menial existence and such a painful death. Regardless of our strengths and capabilities, we will pull out all the stops and give them a helping hand. Hence here we stand. One by one, little by little, we will save them; we will help them.


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